Monday, April 6, 2009

Almost done with another semester

Well Andy had his first Easter celebration. Really excited as you can see. None the less Melanie took the time to dress the boy up and bring him to my work the the easter egg hunt.

School is almost out and I am definitely ready for that. It's been a really long semester. Between school, work, and going to the chiropractor, I am almost insane. But soon it will be over and I can begin golfing again.

Melanie is doing a really great job helping little Andy grow up. It seems like he grows up a little more every time I come home. We have attached a pretty good video of him after he ate. I am sure you will enjoy.

Other than that not much has changed. I am hoping to be done with all of my treatments soon but there is no telling when that will be. We miss everyone and I would now like all of you to call either Melanie or I and congratulate us on updating our blog. Especially since some of you are so good at pointing out when we don't. We love to hear from you anyways.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Death of the Honda

Well it has been a long couple of weeks to say the least. On October 3rd Andy was hit by a drunk driver in Cedar city. Apparently the other driver didn't see the stop sign and bashed into Andy going about 65-70 mph. Luckily Andy was wearing his seat belt which probably saved his life. Andy is doing a lot better but initially was in a ton of pain. The car, well the title covers that. It's gone for good so we now have to get a new one. Hopefully we can all use this as a reminder to always wear your seat belt. Like many accidents like this one, it doesn't matter how good or bad of a driver you are. Andy was very lucky and fortunate to escape with the minor injuries he had. Thanks to everyone for all of your phone calls and emails and prayers. They were definitely not overlooked and we thank you all.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Semester begins!!!

Well another semester has begun. Not too much has changed with Melanie and I. Vader, our puppy, is getting really huge and if I can figure out how to post picture than I will. I am taking six classes this semester and am looking forward to the end already. Mel and I are doing really great and can't believe we have been married for over a year already. Melanie recently went to Arizona for her sisters baby shower. I think she had a really good time. Other than that there is not too much to say right now. But stay tuned as we have a lot of big decisions to make in the near future about where i will be going to finish my degree. So far we have it down to a few schools and it looks like BYU is a strong possibility. We will keep you all posted and try to do better with the whole blog thing.